MOBackup - Outlook Backup Software

The software is able to transfer data between the various Outlook versions, e.g. from Outlook 2007 to Outlook 2010 or even Outlook 2016.

MOBackup takes you step by step through the selection of data. You only need to decide which data should be backed up.

The program supports

  • Microsoft® Office 365
  • Microsoft® Outlook 2019
  • Microsoft® Outlook 2016
  • Microsoft® Outlook 2013
  • Microsoft® Outlook 2010 (but not the special Click-To-Run version)
  • Microsoft® Outlook 2007
  • Microsoft® Outlook 2003
  • Microsoft® Outlook XP
  • Microsoft® Outlook 2000
  • with various applied Outlook Profiles
  • Outlook 32 and 64Bit version
  • running at Windows XP, 2003 (Server), Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8/8.1 (also 64bit), Windows 10 (32/64Bit)

Not supported is

  • Outlook 365 from Microsoft Store
  • local data from Zarafa mail server
  • local data from Kerio mail server

Backup and Restore the following Outlook Data

  • Data Files with E-mails, Contacts, Calendar, Tasks, Notes
  • Exchange Offline Files
  • E-mail Accounts settings (from Outlook 2003 incl. passwords, except Exchange) *)
  • Rules & Alerts for incoming E-mails
  • applied Signatures *)
  • Personal Address Book *)
  • customized Tool Bar and Navigation Bar
  • Shortcuts on the Outlook Bar *)
  • self defined Contact Categories
  • Printer and Page Settings
  • Send & Receive Group Settings
  • Nicknames for E-mail Addresses *)
  • Program Settings *)
  • Macros and VBA Projects *)
  • Business Contact Manager 2003 Files *)
  • Business Contact Manager 2007/2010 Databases *)
  • RSS-Feeds (since Outlook 2007) *)
  • Outlook Quick Parts (since Outlook 2007)
  • Office Custom Dictionaries, also in Unicode format

With the 1:1 Outlook Image Function, you can transfer a copy of your Outlook Profile to another computer.

*)only in full version

FThe following Options can be backed up and restored individually

  • E-mail Options
  • Calendar and Scheduling Options
  • Task Options
  • Contact Options
  • Journal Options
  • Notes Options
  • Search Options
  • Trust Center
  • Profile-dependent Junk E-mail Settings (e.g. Blocked and Safe Senders Lists)

Backup and Restore the following Office Data

  • Saves the Office AutoCorrect Lists and Settings for Tool Bars and Menus
  • Office Quick Style Sets
  • Custom Forms
  • Office Quick Access Toolbars (since Office 2007)
  • Office Ribbons (since Office 2010)
  • Word Quick Parts (since Office 2007)
  • OneNote Notebooks (since Office 2007)

Backup and Restore the following Browser Data

  • Internet Explorer Favorites *)
  • Internet Explorer Security Zones
  • Internet Explorer Feeds & WebSlices (since IE8)
  • Mozilla Firefox Bookmarks
  • Opera Bookmarks and Settings  UPD 
  • Vivaldi Bookmarks and Settings  NEW 
  • Google Chrome Bookmarks

Additional Functions

  • Backup of any Folders and Files from the folder "My Documents"
  • Automated Backup with Batch File or Desktop Shortcut
  • Create only one Backup File for easier backup to a bigger medium (e.g. ZIP drive, CD-ROM, DVD-ROM or Tapes)
  • Protect the Backup Files with a Password
  • Define a maximum Backup File Size (split Backup File)
  • Define number of Backups to be stored
  • Create a detailed Report of saved and restored data
  • Print a Report after having finished an Automated Backup (optional)
  • Automated Shut Down of the PC after finishing a backup
  • Selective or complete recovery of saved data
  • Unpacking of Data Files without overwriting existing data
  • Additional Tool: Reset Outlook
  • Additional Tool: Unblock Attachments
  • Additional Tool: Change Outlook Default Directory
  • Additional Tool: Correct Address Book View
  • Additional Tool: Read E-mail Accounts
  • Integrated Software Update Search
  • Start and Stop of the synchronisation tool
  • Start and Stop of the synchronisation tool SimpleSyn



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