MOBackup - Outlook Backup Software

Current version is 8.34 from 20. October 2017

File size: 3,0 MB

The software contains an installation routine for setup and removal of the program. Unpack the data to a temporary folder and execute the file setup.exe. Follow the instructions of the installation routine.

Download as self extracting file
SHA256-Hash: bf7913a1ea19309a78f7d05ad6f9f84cf3b2bcc180de7d612e0eda3fda19a6c9

Download as ZIP file
SHA256-Hash: 7883d3d7bd7047f30ee18ae16f73acd99ff09791a4ab67ae236650336cbf774d



The following features are activated for testing in the shareware version.

  • Backup and restore of the first data file including e-mails, notes, contacts and calendar
  • Rules and Alerts
  • Outlook Today - Welcome Page
  • Outlook Tool Bar and Navigation Bar
  • Self Defined Contact Categories
  • Print and Page Settings
  • Send and Receive Group Settings
  • Outlook Options (except for Junk Mail Settings)
  • Custom Forms
  • Office AutoCorrect Lists and Settings
  • Office Quick Style Sets
  • Office Quick Access Toolbar & Ribbons
  • Word Quick Parts
  • OneNote Notebooks
  • Internet Explorer Security Zones
  • Opera Bookmarks, Adresses and Notes
  • Vivaldi Bookmarks
  • Google Chrome Bookmarks
  • Reset Outlook
  • Unblock Attachments
  • Correct Address Book View

After registration and payment of the registration fee you can use all features of the software.

Full version

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Software is compatible with XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 und Windows 10

Software works with Microsoft® Windows® XP, Microsoft® Windows® Vista™, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10, but not with MacOS.


The software contains a documentation in form of a help file, that can be accessed through the help buttons in the software.